Bill Irlbeck: Cuts at the top

March 25, 2014 

The Feb. 26 letter “Drawing conclusions,” a take on the Feb. 24 editorial cartoon, was a perfect example of the warped thinking that has led to a large part of the economic and political problems our country has been experiencing over the past few years.

Even if all his workers make only the minimum wage, a CEO making 300 times what the average worker makes will be making $6 million a year. If he has 50 workers, he could easily afford to take a million-dollar cut to provide them with health insurance and a raise of the minimum wage. He could also take a bit more of a cut and hire 10 more workers to provide his customers with better service and to increase his profits. The CEO would not be able to notice any changes in his lifestyle, but his workers and customers might.

What our economy needs is for corporations making billions to pay some taxes and stop getting billions in subsidies. At a minimum, workers need to make a livable wage with health care benefits. Besides improving the lifestyles of millions of Americans, this would also do wonders for the economy.

Bill Irlbeck, Wake Forest

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