Rob Hamilton: Doesn’t compute

March 25, 2014 

I thought we had already seen the heights of audacity regarding Duke Energy’s attempts to bill current and future customers for the costs of cleaning up the public health hazards resulting from its reckless disregard for safe containment of its waste – a position that reminds me of the murderer who, convicted of killing his parents, pleads for mercy because he is an orphan.

But, no: On March 23 we were treated to the “ Shared expenses” letter, wherein we learn that because Duke customers have enjoyed lower energy rates – since actual safe containment standards would have cost more – we should pay more now. I am astounded by the sheer absurdity of such a notion.

When I hire a contractor to provide a service at an agreed-upon rate, makes no difference if it’s a roofer or a doctor or a utility provider, I expect that rate to include the provider’s costs for the service provided. I do not expect the provider to come back afterward and say, “Oops! I made a mess, but because of the secret discount I gave you, you must give me more money to clean it up.” Wow. Just wow.

Rob Hamilton, Chapel Hill

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