Kent Misegades: Fracking solution

March 27, 2014 

Fueled by revenue from sales of natural gas to western Europe, all of which passes through pipelines in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin’s Russia is once-again flexing its Cold War muscles.

Western Europe, whose reckless energy policies of replacing cheap, reliable coal and nuclear plants with expensive, unreliable solar and wind energy, is now dependent on Putin’s gas and will do nothing to stop his military in the Crimea. But we can.

Through the expanded use of fracking, the U.S. can increase its exports of low-cost natural gas and refined gasoline to Europe. Billion-dollar liquified natural gas plants built in our two ports in Morehead City and Wilmington, connected by pipeline to our own gas fields, could one day supply our European allies, emasculating Putin and his Politburo cronies.

This is one more reason that fracking should start in our state as soon as possible, providing our residents with amazing jobs, our nation with lower-cost, clean natural gas and our overseas friends with an alternative to doing business with socialist despots.

Kent Misegades


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