Robert L. Mitten: Lewis not ‘wise’

March 27, 2014 

I read the March 16 letter “ Wise spending” by State Rep. David Lewis. I wanted to know how he viewed the changes in the state tax code. He said that they “repealed more than 40 loopholes.” He was not specific about what they were, but I assumed that one of the “loopholes” was the earned income tax credit.

He then said how they “lowered the regressive sales tax rate,” which would also include the 3 percent or $1,500 sales tax cap for people buying large, expensive boats. He seemed to shun “social policy” but did not mention school vouchers, the attack on public school teachers, the refusal of Medicaid expansion and the unemployment extension, or any number of laws passed that I would define as “social policy.”

Lewis was not being completely candid. If he wants a real view of what his tax changes did, he should read Mousa Alshanteer’s March 18 Point of View “ The erosion of our middle class.”

There is a very old saying, “A hog in armour is still but a hog.” Lewis has a hog.

Robert L. Mitten


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