Andrew Kligerman: New addiction

March 29, 2014 

Regarding the March 23 news article “ State farmers, Big Tobacco look to profit from vapor”: It is heartening (pun intended) that the tobacco farmers and the state Agricultural Commissioner want to get on the gravy train for e-cigarettes. Let’s have our farmers continue to grow a crop that produces a highly addictive and toxic drug to fuel an industry that depends on addiction. Apparently, a teaspoon of the liquid used to fuel an e-cigarette can kill a small child.

As people give up smoking true cigarettes because of the health concerns and social stigma associated with them, why not get them addicted to e-cigarettes, which seem to be popular with younger people? Then maybe we can lead them back to smoking real cigarettes again. This is true foresight and progressive thinking! We should wean our farmers’ addiction to growing tobacco.

Andrew Kligerman, Hillsborough

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