Katherine Holmes: Sting or set-up?

March 30, 2014 

Regarding the March 27 news article “ Charlotte mayor arrested”: A good sting or bad choices for former Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon? The FBI should have substantial evidence to open up a case to investigate at this level. I am curious as to what that evidence was in 2010 to start this sting operation.

According to the article, it might be that the FBI led him to this. The article stated he took money as an investment and then considered giving it back. The FBI actually might have trained and coached him into being the corrupted person it wanted to arrest. Whose idea was it to go to Vegas? The public needs to hear the recordings.

The article claimed that people take things small, psychologically justifying it because it is small, and then they build bigger. Did the FBI always offer and he always took or was he always demanding and expecting things in return? If he offered to return the money and the FBI declined or did not reply then this was a set-up, not a sting. If the FBI made offers he could not refuse instead of his making demands and expectations for favors, then this was a set-up. Was he corrupt or did the FBI build him into being corrupt?

Katherine Holmes


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