Barbara Wolf: ACA a success

March 31, 2014 

For the first time since our son left school two years ago, he has health insurance. We’re relieved and thankful. He’s self-employed and due to pre-existing conditions was unable to get any kind of private insurance.

Since our dysfunctional medical care system charges those without health insurance much higher rates than those who have it, our son’s medical expenses in 2013 ate more than 60 percent of his income. This year will cost him a small fraction of that.

Some parts of Obamacare work, and work very well. What’s sad is that people in situations like my son’s, due to misleading political ads, may not even look into the options available. In addition, some of their elected representatives, representatives they may well have voted for, have failed to provide any information or encouragement to their constituents to explore their new health care options, deliberately leaving them in avoidable nightmare situations like my son’s. As a mother, I find this unconscionable.

Barbara Wolf

Wake Forest

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