Owners of Vaguely Reminiscent and Pie Pushers share April Fools Day stories

vbridges@newsobserver.comMarch 31, 2014 

Shop Talk reporter Virginia Bridges asked small-business owners to share their April Fools’ Day stories. This is what they said.

• “Years ago we had a mouse issue at Vaguely Reminiscent, and I became quite vigilant about any source of food being left in the store,” said Carol Anderson, owner of the Ninth Street clothing and accessories store. “I got my comeuppance one morning as I came to work to open the shop and found (a Subway marketing prop that looked like an actual sandwich) on the cabinet behind the counter. I went ballistic. And I am very glad I was the only one there that morning. My coworker had begged and pleaded with Subway to get this prop ... and the joke worked perfectly. Do I need to say I backed off in my intensity about the food? One of the best jokes played on me ever.”

• “We officially opened on April 1, three years ago,” said Becky Hacker, who, along with her husband Mike, owns the Durham-based food truck Pie Pushers. “We had one kinda helpful soft night, but when that first night came, it really did start with a rush of excited, local and supportive friends, family and just folks from around Durham. I can remember there being a moment, maybe one hour into our night, where Mike and I paused, just for that one second from smiling at customers and throwing pies to smile and say to each other, ‘Happy April Fools’ Day.’ 

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