We're seeking your mother's kitchen wisdom

From staff reportsApril 1, 2014 

Some of the best kitchen wisdom we’ve ever learned has been passed down from our mothers.

As a Mother’s Day tribute, we’re asking readers to send us that gem of cooking advice from their moms that they turn to again and again. It can be a cooking trick or a baking tip. It can be a practice that you continue to this day in your own kitchen. It can even be a philosophy along the line of Julia Child’s infamous quip after flipping a potato pancake out of a pan and onto the table by mistake: “Remember, you are alone in the kitchen and nobody can see you.”

We’ll share our mothers’ collective wisdom in time for Mother’s Day.

Please send your submission by midnight April 24. Be sure to tell us your name, age, where you live and your mother’s name. Please put “Mother’s Kitchen Wisdom” in the subject line of any emails. Send those to food writer Andrea Weigl at aweigl@newsobserver.com or The News & Observer, c/o Andrea Weigl, 215 S. McDowell St., Raleigh, N.C. 27601.

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