Gino Pazzaglini: Raise minimum wage

April 1, 2014 

I agree wholeheartedly with Richard Nordan’s March 29 Point of View “ Why a modest increase in wage makes sense” on the minimum wage debate. His sound reasoning should convince anyone with an open mind and compassion in their heart to support modest increases in the minimum wage. There appears to be is no factual proof that higher or lower minimum wages kills jobs or creates them.

Nine U.S. states with no minimum wage (or one which is lower than the current $7.75 per hour federal rate) demonstrate no impact on unemployment. On the flip side, only France’s irrationally high minimum wage (set at 60 percent of the median) does seem to hurt the jobless, especially those most unskilled, inexperienced or uneducated.

As Nordan and others would suggest, neither irrational approach boosts the economy or helps families stuck in poverty.

An ongoing, regulated minimum wage set by independent, nonpolitical state or federal experts has the best chance to help those at thebottom of the job ladder (a basic living wage). But this is just one bandage for persons who happen to be poor. Real cures still remain opportunities for education, skills and good health.

Gino Pazzaglini


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