Ron Driver: Millenials adapting

April 2, 2014 

The March 30 business article “ Millenials at work: Lazy and callow, like their elders were” on the young generation and their lack of skills and motives to meet the job market is almost funny. Being a baby boomer myself, I understand the feelings of many, but I also have had the privilege to have many of this group as employees.

Today’s youth have come to understand that the corporate world is not a way to accomplish their dreams, which is very different from the 1960s. There are no pensions, no loyalty to the worker and certainly no future path for success working for any company today. I don’t blame them for their views since I have watched over the years as government and business have eroded the dream of working hard and playing straight to obtain the dream. They are simply adapting to their environment just as generations before them.

The future of corporations in our country has been brought on by their own doings. This is not rocket science but simply the world built by corporations themselves, government, education, the dollar chase and the lack of responsibility from all parties, which simply gives the young a model to go by.

The future is here professors, how is it looking?

Ron Driver


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