Education-minded voters overwhelmingly oppose McCrory, poll shows

Posted by John Frank on April 3, 2014 


Gov. Pat McCrory

TAKAAKI IWABU — 2013 News & Observer file photo

Gov. Pat McCrory’s approval rating among registered voters stands at 39 percent in North Carolina, while about half – 49 percent – disapprove, according to a new poll.

The Republican’s numbers in the SurveyUSA poll for Time Warner Cable News fit the pattern of two recent polls showing that the restart in the second year of his term is slow going, especially as he endures controversies related to the Duke Energy coal ash spill.

The poll’s margin of error for registered voters is plus-or-minus 2.3 percent.

One interesting number from the cross-tabs: Among likely voters who identify education as their top issue in the U.S. Senate race this year, McCrory’s approval is 16 percent and his disapproval is 78 percent.

His best numbers are among those who consider health care the top issue: 50 percent approval, 41 percent disapproval.

On the whole, the economy was (not surprisingly) the top issue. Half of likely voters in November put it at the top for the Senate race.

President Barack Obama’s approval rating is 42 percent to 52 percent disapproval, again in line with other polling.

See more results here.

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