Steve Church: Mentally ill fleeced

April 3, 2014 

Regarding the April 3 news article “ Raleigh makes offer for Dix site”: Raleigh wants to buy the Dorothea Dix Hospital property for a measly $38 million and requests that the state pick up the tab for the costly environmental cleanup. Wow!

I wish I had lawyers like those of Gov. Pat McCrory and Mayor Nancy McFarlane who are drawing up contracts to once again fleece the mentally ill all in the name of “progress.” Our most vulnerable will never see a dime of this money because of all the greed and mendacity that has taken place over the past decade.

Irish politician Edmund Burke said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Dix Hospital rotted due to the activity and inactivity of several governors, many DHHS secretaries, numerous General Assemblies, the media and a well-oiled army of rich, influential “visionaries” who dreamed of a park where a vital mental hospital stood in the way. Many of these folks claim to support our less fortunate, but they remained silent while Dix was defunded to death.

Democrats put Dix on the chopping block, but Republicans seem primed to execute the final cut. Both parties have blood on their hands. I ache for the mentally ill.

Steve Church


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