Louise Fisher: Transparency needed in Dix deal

April 3, 2014 

Regarding the March 19 article “ Council’s Dix plan critiqued”: Raleigh Mayor Nancy McFarland denies any planning connection with the Dix Visionaries. If the mayor is not involved with the visionaries, then who is paying for the expensive TV ads regarding the proposed park? Are Raleigh taxpayers paying for these ads, or is it one or more of the well-heeled Dix Visionaries who’ve been planning for a park on the Dix campus many years before Dix was even closed? The TV ads appear to be misleading, suggesting that Raleigh already owns the Dix property.

The $6 million Pullen Park refurbishment was a ballot referendum letting Raleigh residents decide. But the Raleigh City Council has had no public meetings or forums regarding its plans for a proposed park on the Dix campus. They have given no voice to the public. The mayor said input will be welcome after the lease is settled. That’s too late!

Raleigh residents need to know all costs and have a say in any lease deals the council makes. After all, it’s the residents who will be paying for it. To do otherwise is taxation without representation.

Louise Fisher


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