Gene Addesso: Fix coal ash sites

April 4, 2014 

I feel the April 1 cover page article “EPA: Coal ash penalties lenient,” emphasizes the wrong solution to incidents of water contamination. Simply fining the violators does not guarantee the root cause of the failure will be sought and permanently fixed.

That is precisely why the Roanoke River Basin Association, in accordance with Rule 24 of the North Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure, has joined other conservation groups in an action to intervene in the state’s enforcement action. The motion was filed on March 20 by our attorney, the Southern Environmental Law Center. We seek to insure that unlawful pollution of Duke Energy coal ash lagoons is fully stopped and re-mediated.

We are not interested, and do not want Duke Energy’s money. We do want coal ash removed from existing impoundments and moved to safely lined storage facilities away from our lakes and rivers which are the lifeblood of the communities and residents of the Roanoke River Basin.

Gene Addesso

President, Roanoke River Basin Association


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