Jeanette Doran: A candidate not a complication

April 5, 2014 

In response to Ned Barnett’s March 30 column “ Surprise entry rattles court race”: I would like to make a few points.

First, Barnett states that my entry in the Supreme Court race “complicates” the incumbent’s efforts at re-election. What Barnett considers a complication, the Constitution calls an “election.”

Second, the incumbent laments the costs of campaigning and expresses a fear of judges being “bought.” Those fears are ironic coming from an incumbent who, as Barnett pointed out, has raised $133,000 – more than the other candidates in the race combined.

Finally, while Barnett noted that Art Pope had not donated to my race, Barnett quoted me as saying that Pope was very supportive of me without noting that Pope’s support was that of a friend, and that Pope did not endorse me or anyone else in the Supreme Court primary race.

Incumbent Robin Hudson seems annoyed that seats on the state’s highest court must be earned by securing the trust and goodwill of the voters. That is a critical and constitutionally mandated part of our judicial system. It is not a dirty trick and shouldn’t be seen as an annoyance.

I joyously embrace the electoral process and am working hard to earn the votes of my fellow North Carolinians. N&O readers deserve more than a political advertisement masquerading as a column. Barnett’s column was little more than an attempt to coronate the incumbent.

Jeanette Doran

Candidate for N.C. Supreme Court


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