Lisa Keel: Cartoon unfair to Bush

April 9, 2014 

I was furious to see April 9 editorial cartoon “Portraits in Post-presidential Statesmanship.” It promoted a lie that President George W. Bush is not engaged in positive charitable work.

To the contrary, his George W. Bush Institute promotes the African First Ladies Summit (attended by first ladies Michelle Obama and Laura Bush) and cervical cancer screening for women in African countries, helping raise $85 million for cancer screening. His institute’s global health program, Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon, continues to work with the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, begun with a $15 billion commitment (2003-2008) by his presidency to fight the global HIV/AIDS pandemic. He also works with our veterans and spoke on the “This Week “ Sunday news show in February about how to reintegrate our war veterans into civilian life. These are only a few of his institute’s programs.

Bush is very active in his own charitable institute, but he promotes his causes and not himself. Bush explained his philosophy to Voice of America on July 4, 2012, regarding his charitable work and the media spotlight on him as a public spokesman: “I hope you don’t see much of it because I don’t want to be in the news. In other words, I believe that quiet service is the best service.”

Lisa Keel


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