Gary M. Claxton: Not GOP’s fault

April 9, 2014 

After reading the March 31 letter “ Taxing times for seniors,” I can only think the writer never looks at her tax returns. If she did, she would know that her Social Security check is not taxed in North Carolina. If she is complaining about federal taxes, I suspect she has forgotten that any tax increases she has seen are the result of Democrat actions, not Republicans.

I don’t argue with her assessment that seniors pay too much tax. I would suggest that maybe she should consider voting for someone who favors reducing taxes and spending (conservatives) rather than someone who wants to spend on every theory that makes liberals feel good but has proven over the years to be ineffective (liberals/progressives).

Seniors do vote, but like all other residents, they need to carefully consider the results of their vote.

Gary M. Claxton


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