Julian Hughes: Give GOP time

April 9, 2014 

Regarding the March 25 letter “ The people’s priority”: State Rep. Paul Luebke was very critical that there was not enough money for teachers.

I fully agree. Teachers are greatly underpaid, but let’s look at the facts. Until 2013, the Democrats had been in power since 1977 with the exception of eight years (1985-1993) when Jim Martin was governor.

I just can’t understand why the Republicans are being so criticized for failing to bring teacher salaries up to standard the very first year they are in power. What did the Democrats do for the teachers? As I said, the teachers are grossly underpaid. But I bet the Republicans will do better by the teachers and all other working people than the Democrats have. Give us 20 years as the Democrats had and then see how things are.

Julian W. Hughes


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