Democrats launch call campaign against Renee Ellmers

Posted by Caitlin Owens on April 10, 2014 

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has ramped up its campaign against Congresswoman Renee Ellmers, launching paid calls to voters.

An automated phone call encourages voters to urge Ellmers, a Republican from Dunn representing North Carolina’s 2nd District, to vote against the budget plan this week. The call campaign is targeting voters in her district who have been identified as likely to vote in the 2014 general election, DCCC officials said. It began Tuesday and will continue throughout the week.

The multi-part, nationwide paid campaign, called “Battleground: Middle Class,” launched last week with web ads telling North Carolinians that Ellmer’s budget plan harms the middle class.

The phone calls tell voters that the budget plan raises taxes, ends the Medicare guarantee for seniors and costs the economy three million jobs. The campaign also says the plan gives tax breaks to corporations that send jobs overseas and benefits the wealthy.

“We are giving North Carolinians the opportunity to connect directly with Congresswoman Ellmers and tell her that they do not want her Washington budget that heaps tax breaks and handouts on special interests and the wealthiest Americans, and forces the middle class to pay the price,” said Josh Schwerin, press secretary of the DCCC, in a statement.

The DCCC did a similar campaign against Ellmers in 2011, attacking her vote to end Medicare. It declined to provide numbers of calls it is making.

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