Greg Brannon says he will win Senate primary outright

Posted by John Frank on April 10, 2014 

U.S. Senate candidate Greg Brannon appeared on Glenn Beck’s radio program Thursday to paint his campaign against House Speaker Thom Tillis as David versus Goliath.

Tillis is holding the advantage against Brannon in recent polls as both lead a field of eight candidates. But in the interview, Brannon said he expects it to change.

“We are pulling back the veil and showing who the wizard is and they are getting exposed,” Brannon said of Tillis, whose conservatism he questioned at multiple points. “We are going to win this without a runoff. There’s no doubt in my mind. The wave is coming.”

Brannon flew to Texas to appear in studio with Beck in the pair’s third interview. Beck, a controversial conservative personality, has declared a “man-crush” on Brannon.

Brannon will also appear on Beck’s TV program this evening, along with his wife, Jody. He is using the appearance to try to raise money for his campaign

In the interview, Brannon addressed the Fort Hood shooting, saying he endorsed allowing members of the military to carry weapons. “Our best and brightest, our ones who are prepared to defend us everywhere ... aren’t armed?” he asked. “That’s ... insane.”

Citing the need for self defense, he added: “Anybody should be armed across this country.”

As for Common Core national education standards, Brannon said the federal government should have no role in education.

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