Notable numbers: Spending on US Senate race, stay-at-home moms and finding Ukraine on a map

April 11, 2014 

Notable numbers

Statistics from the past week that deserve a doubletake

$15 million What outside groups have spent on political advertising on both sides of North Carolina’s U.S. Senate race, the most of any state

$2,426,782 What Senate Majority PAC, a liberal super PAC, has spent

$818,956 What Patriot Majority USA, a liberal nonprofit advocacy group, has spent

$293,313 What American Crossroads, a conservative super PAC, has spent

$4.8 billion What Americans spend each year on cellphone insurance

$580 million What they spend replacing stolen phones

99 The percentage of Americans who believe phone carriers should have to make kill switches an option

1 in 6 The number of Americans who can find Ukraine on a map

27 The percentage of 18-to-24-year-olds who could correctly identify


14 The percentage of those 65 and older who could

29 The percentage of political independents who could correctly identify Ukraine; for Democrats, it was 14 percent; Republicans, 15 percent

77 The percentage of college graduates who could not identify Ukraine on a map; 87 percent of noncollege graduates could not

9 The percentage of students applying to seven or more colleges in 1990

28 The percentage applying to that many in 2011

42,167 The number of applications Stanford received for the upcoming freshman class

2,138 The number accepted

29 The percentage of American mothers who stayed home with children younger than 18 in 2012

23 The percentage who stayed home in 1999

49 The percentage who stayed home in 1967

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