Joe Burton: Washed-out GOP

April 12, 2014 

Rob Christensen’s report on the Conservative Leadership Conference (“ GOP thinks its tide is rising,” March 30 column) was interesting, particularly Dan Forest’s praise for the Republican tax “reform” and the state’s refusal to accept a return of our federal tax dollars for the expansion of Medicaid. The new tax measures are predicted to result in an annual reduction of $650 million, which will require reduced public investment in education and infrastructure, the foundations of economic growth.

The “rising tide” of the state GOP can also be questioned. Democrats received more votes statewide than Republicans in 2012 congressional races, and apparently the N.C. Republicans depend heavily on wealthy contributors like Art Pope, the Koch brothers and others for financial support. New laws Republicans passed have been largely written by the American Legislative Exchange Council, not North Carolinians who know the needs of our state.

So how legitimate is the Republican takeover of our state government that is dependent on gerrymandering instead of the people’s will and huge infusions of cash from multi-millionaire and billionaire patrons?

Joe Burton


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