Sherry Emanuel: An unwinnable war

April 12, 2014 

We, as citizens of this (once and, I hope, still) great nation and also as residents of North Carolina, are witnessing the fabric of our democracy being pulled, twisted, strained and tested in unimaginable ways.

We used to rely on journalists and the media to present us with facts and truth to the best of their ability. Now, we are subject to bizarre interpretations and dissembling of that same information spread “virally” far and wide and even at the level of the Supreme Court. As they say, if we tell a lie often enough, it becomes truth.

That is why I am thanking you for printing, and Gene Nichol for contributing, the March 23 Point of View, “ The Tar Heel manifesto.” It will not be easy to overcome the combined influences that are usurping democracy: money, power and religion.

Like Nichol, I thought we had already won the wars against voter suppression; marginalization of the poor, women and those of different races and beliefs; and money that purchases politicians and frames laws.

I guess the lesson is that we can never let our guard down. It is not a war that can ever be won but a continuing battle.

Sherry Emanuel


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