Nancy M. Johnson: Charters not the answer

April 12, 2014 

Another charter school, this one in the Charlotte area, has failed and left its students unprepared for end-of-year tests and its teachers jobless. A report to the school’s board said its founders had inflated their own salaries, put family members on the payroll and failed to pay bills or account for expenditures. This school was one that received over $3 million in taxpayer money to operate with very little oversight or regulation.

And our legislature wants to expand this program. The lawmakers believe that charter schools can do a better job of educating our children than our public schools can, and they’re willing to pour in more of our taxpayer money to prove it!

All that they are going to prove is that greed begets greed, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Let’s ask our legislature to take back the millions that they are giving to charter schools and give it to our public schools where it belongs.

Nancy M. Johnson


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