Bill Jones: No experience necessary

April 12, 2014 

The April 8 news article “ Ex-Chowan commissioner is N.C.’s new ferry chief” said that Ed Goodwin has no experience with the ferry division.

I would like to ask Goodwin three questions to see whether he is qualified to run the ferry system: What do the bow and stern mean? What are the red and green lights on the front of a boat for? What is the meaning of the phrase “red right and returning”? If Goodwin can answer these three questions, he’s qualified to get an 84 percent raise in salary.

Here is another retired military person who is making a nice salary from the federal government and also a nice salary from the taxpayers of North Carolina. There are many employees with the ferry division who have put in a lifetime with the ferries. Any one of them would be more qualified and would like to draw $92,000 a year. .

I am a veteran, and I am all for helping our military, but I do not think that a former highly paid Navy officer needs our help. Make it easier for the seamen and the privates to get nice-paying jobs.

Bill Jones


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