Meet the candidates for the 6th Congressional District

April 12, 2014 


Phil Berger Jr.

Age: 42

Residence: Eden

Occupation: Rockingham County district attorney

Family: Wife, Jodie; two children

Education: UNC Wilmington, 1994; Wake Forest University School of Law, 1999

Political experience: Elected Rockingham County district attorney in 2006, 2010; former chairman of the Rockingham County Republican Party.

Why he’s running: “The federal government has become far too intrusive on the lives of everyday Americans. That intrusion places a barrier in between the private sector and their ability to succeed. We must rein in the size and scope of the federal government.”

Mike Causey

Age: 63

Residence: Greensboro

Occupation: State coordinator for the Department of Transportation’s Adopt-A-Highway program

Family: Wife, Hisae Causey

Education: Associate degree in civil engineering technology, Wake Technical College, 1971; B.A., High Point University, 1996; executive management certificate, Purdue University, 1981

Political experience: Ran for N.C. Insurance Commissioner in 1992, 1996, 2000 and 2012; former registered lobbyist in the N.C. General Assembly representing Independent Auto Body Association, N.C. Glass Association and Citizens for Healthcare Freedom.

Why he’s running: “I have a deep concern for the issues of the day: the big federal debt that we have, the fact that people can’t find jobs, the loss of manufacturing in North Carolina. It’s nothing like it used to be.”

Kenn Kopf

Age: 64

Residence: Greensboro

Occupation: Principal counsel and secretary for Infosys Public Services

Family: Wife, Blair; two children

Education: B.A., 1974, and master’s, 1975, University of South Florida; Hamline University School of Law, 1979

Political experience: None

Why he’s running: “I was talking to my 28-year-old daughter in Washington, D.C. She said, ‘I have no faith anymore that I’m going to be able to achieve everything you did and achieve my American dream,’ and that killed me.

“I started my career serving this country, and I’ll end my career serving this country – God willing. I’m not going to let that happen to my daughter or anyone’s kids.”

Zack Matheny

Age: 41

Residence: Greensboro

Occupation: Founder and owner of White Oak Capital and a member of the Greensboro City Council

Family: Wife, Lauran; three children

Education: B.S., N.C. State University, 1996

Political experience: Serving fourth term on the Greensboro City Council.

Why he’s running: “There’s a lot that I’ve done in my nine years that matches up well with what Howard (Coble) has represented. I understand what it is like to be accessible, to represent people.”

Jeff Phillips

Age: 51

Residence: Greensboro

Occupation: Founder, Phillips Wealth Management

Family: Wife, Lori; two children

Education: University of Central Oklahoma, 1980-1985 (did not complete degree)

Political experience: On Guilford County Board of Commissioners, Guilford County Budget Committee; ran for Congress in 6th District, 2010.

Why he’s running: “We’ve begun, as a nation, to settle into the idea that we should be more dependent on government. I disagree. My whole life is evidence that there is hope, and it can be done.”

Charlie Sutherland Jr.

Age: 73

Residence: Stoneville

Occupation: Founder, Charlie’s Soap in Mayodan

Family: Wife, Jane; four children

Education/year: Took classes at Duke, NCSU, Greensboro College and Clemson, but never graduated.

Political experience: Ran for state Senate, 1997; Congress, 2006.

Why he’s running: “My reason for joining this race is to help restore a political and economic environment that would allow other folks like my happy group to prosper and grow and contribute.”

Bruce VonCannon

Age: 59

Residence: Greensboro

Occupation: Retired CEO of Banque Privee Edmond de Rothschild in Hong Kong

Family: Wife, Sandra; two children

Education: Princeton, 1976; master’s, Purdue University; MBA, Indiana University

Political experience: None

Why he’s running: “Living overseas helped to stoke more interest to come back and serve. I’ve been very concerned about the way we conduct foreign policy, and I’ve also been somewhat dismayed by how our politicians appear overseas.”

Mark Walker

Age: 44

Residence: Greensboro

Occupation: Former pastor of worship and music for Lawndale Baptist Church, Greensboro

Family: Wife, Kelly; three children

Education: Piedmont International University, 1999

Political experience: Two years on Greensboro City Council

Why he’s running: “I have seen the freedoms and liberties begin to dissipate, and I wanted my children and grandchildren to have the same freedom I have had. I grew wary of those who were speaking on my behalf who were doing so with such vitriol.”

Don Webb

Age: 61

Residence: High Point

Occupation: Wells Fargo financial adviser

Family: Married; five children, four grandchildren

Education: U.S. Naval Academy, 1974; started but did not complete MBA, Harvard Business School.

Political experience: High Point Republican Party chairman, 2009-2012

Why he’s running: “I’m running because I believe our federal government is expanding rapidly at the expense of our individual and collective freedoms. They’re looking for reinforcements, and I’m ready to go.”


Bruce Davis

Age: 57

Residence: High Point

Occupation: Member, Guilford County Board of Commissioners since 2002

Family: Wife, Angela; five children, one grandchild

Education: Associate degree, Guilford Technical Community College, 2005; B.A., High Point University, 2007; currently pursuing a master’s degree in nonprofit management at High Point University.

Political experience: Chairman, Guilford County Board of Commissioners, 2005

Why he’s running: “I think the American people are looking for someone who comes more toward the center and not so far left or right. I’ve worked across party lines to accomplish certain tasks.”

Laura Fjeld

Age: 59

Residence: Hurdle Mills

Occupation: Former vice president and general counsel for the University of North Carolina system

Family: Husband, Jon; five children

Education: Bryn Mawr College, 1976; University of California Boalt Hall School of Law, 1981

Political experience: None

Why she’s running: “Washington is so terribly broken, and I would bring a fresh, independent perspective and proven problem solving that focuses on bipartisan solutions. That’s what we need in Washington to end the dysfunction, and it’s going to take new people to get there.”

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