Howard K. Ammerman: Sandy NC heads

April 13, 2014 

Today is my 99th birthday. Raised on a farm as one of nine children, I learned to use limited resources wisely. After the war, I completed a doctorate in economics at the University of Chicago. There I learned the importance of using data to assess current situations for better future planning.

I moved to North Carolina last summer to live with my daughter’s family and have been startled by how political leaders want to ignore the effect of climate change on rising sea level. My concern is for my grandchildren. I read your March 16 article “ While the seas rise in NC, science treads water” with interest. It is disturbing that decision-makers would choose to ignore current evidence of sea rising to protect “economic development” when a critical tenet of economics is to gather data now to prepare for what lies ahead. Investing now could avoid costly problems in the future, such as houses and roads washing away. Ignoring the very real facts associated with sea rise seems ironically equivalent to putting one’s head in the sand.

Next year I’m hoping to celebrate both my 100th birthday and a more thoughtful approach to climate change in North Carolina.

Howard K. Ammerman, Ph.D.

Chapel Hill

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