Assad Meymandi: McCrory should hire Nichol

April 14, 2014 

Regarding the April 13 news article “ Nichol speaks, just not for UNC”: I suggest that our governor, whom I like and support, do with Gene Nichol, whose intellect I adore, what King Frederick of Prussia did with Voltaire in the 1750s.

Voltaire was the quintessential philosopher of the 18th century, the age of enlightenment. He penned more than 18 million words in all genres of literature from philosophy, epistemology, politics, religion, Newtonian physics to poetry and theater. His volumes of “Lettres Philosophiques” continue to be on the best-sellers list along with the Bible and Quran.

Frederick invited Voltaire to his palace to be the king’s resident savant and adviser. Nichol would fit that role beautifully in McCrory’s administration, which desperately needs a person in that role – a resident savant.

Nichol’s wisdom and lessons ought to be encouraged and promulgated, not tarnished and tamed.

Assad Meymandi

Adjunct professor of psychiatry, UNC School of Medicine at Chapel Hill, Raleigh

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