Charlotte editorial cartoonist, often reprinted in N&O, wins Pulitzer

Posted on April 14, 2014 

Kevin Siers, the Charlotte Observer’s editorial cartoonist, received the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for his portfolio of political cartoons, many of which were quite critical of President Obama. His cartoons are often reprinted in The N&O.

Here’s an excerpt from the Observer’s story on the prize:

To succeed, an editorial cartoon must be simple, even while conveying a complicated message. Its elements must click emotionally with the reader, and the best elicit either a laugh or an “ouch.”

“Kevin is able to say as much in a cartoon as anyone can say in a 700-word editorial,” Batten said.

Caulkins said she routinely gets feedback, positive and negative, to Siers‘ work. A talented editorial cartoonist, she said, should attract a range of reactions.

Some of Siers’ artistic victims are, surprisingly, enamored of his work. Former Sen. Jesse Helms, former county manager Harry Jones and county commissioner Bill James are among those who have requested and received originals of cartoons in which they have been lanced by Siers.

“Jesse used to have a wall of editorial cartoons about him in his office,” said Siers. “He used them to raise campaign contributions – he’d say, ‘See what they're doing to me. Send money!’”

Find the rest of the story here. It contains links to the winning portfolio.

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