Carl Hinson: Those jobless benefits

April 15, 2014 

Regarding the April 11 letter “ A bad idea”: I agree that unemployment insurance benefits are not a handout. Premiums have been paid by someone, and the benefits are just as deserving as my Social Security and Medicare payments.

However, I must disagree with the gentleman concerning the government’s extending benefits after the unemployment insurance has run out. This is a whole new ballgame because these extended benefits are coming directly from the taxpayers. It irks me to see a person enjoying a lifestyle more joyous than mine while I’m helping pay for his existence.

The writer likens unemployment insurance to an auto insurance claim. If car repair insurance is for a certain amount and it doesn’t cover the repairs, don’t waste time seeking additional coverage. Also, if a house is on fire, don’t bother to seek insurance coverage. This is a perfect example of why the insurance companies are solvent and our country is $17 trillion in debt.

I have observed many times that unemployed people with no insurance benefits find employment much sooner than the insured.

Carl Hinson


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