John Hamilton: Raleigh parks neglected, mismanaged

April 16, 2014 

Referring to the April 16 news article “ Council debates priorities for Raleigh parks”: I think Moore Square could use swings, jungle gyms, sand boxes, etc., but not another city-supported restaurant. We already had The Mint!

The parks in Raleigh are neglected and mismanaged. A case for mismanagement can be made by reviewing what the city did a few years back at the Kiwanis Park. The multi-purpose field was the site of weekend soccer games where families took lawn chairs and enjoyed the afternoon games. Unexpectedly, the city fenced off the park, claiming the field needed to be restored. Grass was planted and a very tall fence erected and then locked. The soccer games moved to Williams Park, and the city did the same thing. The field was first closed due to “drainage problems” from the tennis courts. Last summer, the same field was closed for renovations to be re-opened this past March. That field is still closed because the Bermuda grass that was planted in late August did not grow.

Councilman Bonner Gaylord stated that he is embarrassed by Moore Square. I am embarrassed by the management of the two parks sited above.

John Hamilton


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