Bill Jensen: Shift funds for rape kits

April 16, 2014 

Regarding the Washington Post editorial published in the April 15 N&O “ Making shameful rape-kit backlog a priority”: It is spot on, but Congress can do more than was indicated.

At a cost of $500 to process each rape kit, the total cost to remove the backlog is about $200 million. This amount may seem like a lot of money until one compares it with the proposed 2015 budget of $38.2 billion for Homeland Security and $495 billion for the military. The $200 million is 0.52 percent of the Homeland Security budget and only 0.04 percent of the military budget. What is Homeland Security or national security if we can’t better protect women from rape?

Congress needs to find the necessary funds or transfer money from either the Homeland Security or military budget to provide for processing the rape kits and better protecting women from this heinous crime. Congress can do it.

Bill Jensen, Apex

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