Michael Schaul: Major questions for Pope

April 18, 2014 

Art Pope’s April 16 Point of View “ NC tax reform and flusher families” leads to some questions for him as one of the wealthiest men in N.C.

How much will his family-owned Variety Wholesalers Inc. – Roses, Maxway, Super Dollar – save on taxes? How many jobs did he create at VWI specifically with the saved taxes? How much did he share with his employees as raises? How much did he reduce prices to help his low-income customers? Does he provide health care for his employees? How many marginal stores stayed open on tax savings? How many new stores were opened to benefit from tax savings?

How much will the tax cuts save him and his family personally each year? What new big ticket toys did he and his family buy with the savings? How many N.C. jobs were created? Altogether, how many jobs did his tax savings create, and how many lives did he improve, not counting his family and his politically oriented institutes and charities?

Do he and the governor and the GOP leadership of the General Assembly really expect us to believe his tax savings were more important than keeping pre-K, creating raises for teachers and state employees, improving roads and reducing UNC tuition increases?

Michael Schaul


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