William E. Jackson Jr.: Amazed and disgusted

April 19, 2014 

Regarding the April 13 news article “ Nichol speaks, just not for UNC”: The report from UNC-Chapel Hill was astounding. As a native of the state who long respected the university for its liberal values, I am as dismayed by timid university leaders like Provost Jim Dean (“that was really just for us”) as I am disgusted by the successors to Sen. Jesse Helms in the state legislative and executive branches.

In the space of just over a year, we have seen a steady regression in public values, from free speech to voting rights for minorities to the protections for the poor and the lower middle class. Public decency radiating from Raleigh is in serious question. Nichol is right: “It is a rank violation of our history, our ethics, our scriptures and our constitutions.”

I dearly hope he continues to upset people in power in Raleigh! Where are the moderate Republican leaders, the centrist Democrats, the independents as a balancing force? Where is the faculty leadership at the university? God, give us men and women of principle. It is past time to take a stand, and let the budgets fall where they may.

William E. Jackson Jr.


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