Suzanne Perry: Not coming up Roses

April 19, 2014 

In response to the April 13 Point of View “ As Roses closes, a conflicted goodbye” by Henry Gargan: I’d like to ask how does Art Pope exploit the poor? He hires people. He offers goods to the poor in their neighborhoods at prices they can afford. Sounds good to me.

It seemed like a good idea to Gargan and his family when he was growing up and shopping there. Would it still be OK with him if he didn’t know Pope’s conservative leanings? Is this still America, where we are able to do what we want with the money we earn?

Would Gargan like Pope more if, instead of opening stores for the common folks, he invested his money in high-end stores in upscale malls and spent his money on liberal causes?

Gargan said, “The big picture tells us that Roses is an exploitative institution that ultimately perpetuates the poverty of its customers.” If that is so, how is it that Gargan is a junior journalism major at UNC? If only the poor shop at Roses, he must have risen out of his poverty, a direct contradiction to his premise.

Suzanne Perry


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