Spring arrives in a cloud of pollen

April 19, 2014 

Tis the season for the chronic sniffers to be at the peak of their snuffling, awakening with dripping noses, teary eyes and a chorus of sneezing, for ’tis the time for the yellow dust to again work its magic circling and renewing the gift of life.

It’s an ancient story that began long before mankind emerged. It was the establishment of life itself when a great and gracious nymph arrived from her place of birth on the Isle of the Blessed to be welcomed to take her place, as described upon the earliest annals of early Grecian mythology, as Flora, the goddess of flowers, a goddess whose very breath came in the perfume offered with the opening of spring roses.

After a whirlwind courtship, while Zephyrus, the god of the west wind, was blowing his pipes of pan, summoning the warming breezes of spring, Flora chose to marry Zephyrus and she and her lover went a-courting in a wooded glen. Among the first of their golden spawn were the Amaryllis flower known for their tall graceful stems supporting a white, trimmed in pink, flower with a heart of gold. Each year their descendants have multiplied, and as lilies are among the first to bloom they claim to be the original flower with the popular title of the Easter Lilly.

At best, it would only be a guess as to which of these beautiful and spectacular advancing Belles of Spring could rightfully claim to be the leader of the Easter season, but it is the wind of the west and Flora spreading their pollen, bringing the golden secret to all life, as we know it. It requires Flora’s golden secret and Zephyr delivering the gift of life as they awaken nature’s factories that produce the armies of green.

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