New study shows depth of McCrory’s campaign ties to Duke Energy

Posted by John Frank on April 21, 2014 


Gov. Pat McCrory

TAKAAKI IWABU — 2013 News & Observer file photo

Gov. Pat McCrory’s connections to Duke Energy are under scrutiny amid the probe of the coal ash spill in North Carolina.

The Republican’s connections to the mega utility are well known. For one, McCrory is a former 29-year Duke Energy employee and the company donated significantly to his campaign, through its political action committee and executives.

A National Institute on Money in State Politics study shows McCrory’s campaign received $98,000 from Duke Energy from 2000-2012 – more than any sitting governor.

McCrory received $16,000 from the company’s PAC and $82,000 from its executives, the study found. The next closest is Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, who received $13,000.

The McCrory numbers are boosted by his two runs for governor and his ties to major company executives in Charlotte. For instance, he received 87 percent of all executives contributions to current governors since 2000.

See more numbers in the report.

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