Lynn Edmonds: GOP blame game

April 21, 2014 

Regarding the April 19 Triangle Politics item “ GOP faults Perdue for teacher resignations”: Republicans blaming former Gov. Bev Perdue and Democrats for the mass exodus of Wake County school teachers must think residents are dumb, have amnesia or both. They must think that constituents haven’t noticed the sequence of public school-related budget cuts made since the GOP took control of the legislature in 2011.

The first thing the Republican-controlled General Assembly did was force deep and unnecessary cuts to education. Schools across North Carolina cut 915 teachers, more than 2,000 teacher assistants and nearly 5,000 total education positions.

What have GOP leaders done since then? Passed on giving teachers a pay increase while giving tax breaks to N.C.’s millionaires, raised class size limits, started the state’s first voucher system, eliminated tenure and stripped teachers of extra pay for master’s degrees. Gov. Pat McCrory and the Republicans are the ones actively showing teachers the door, and now out they go.

Lynn Edmonds


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