Vito Romano: Teacher shortage dilemma

April 22, 2014 

I was interested to read the recent reports of how Wake County public school teachers are leaving the system in record numbers and would like to relate the impact of one such resignation.

On the first day of the second semester my daughter arrived at her second period marketing class and the class was told that due to a retirement her class had no teacher. “We are searching for a replacement,” the class was told. OK, we thought, a new teacher will arrive soon and all will be well.

As it turns out, it took six weeks to find a replacement and the course was changed to personal finance because they couldn’t find someone to teach marketing. I wonder why it took so long? Could it be low pay, no tenure, no extra pay for advanced degrees or little hope of raises in the future?

The cherry on top is that during those six weeks without a teacher there was not one minute of instruction. We’re talking about a 90-minute daily class. My child spent her time texting friends and watching Netflix videos on her phone.

It’s time to start paying our teachers what they are worth.

Vito Romano


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