WRAL adds second Senate debate, but it won't feature top candidates

Posted by John Frank on April 22, 2014 

WRAL has added a fourth debate to the U.S. Senate campaign calendar this week – and the second for the station – though it won’t feature the top candidates in the race.

The debate, which is scheduled to take place on Thursday for broadcast on Saturday, will include Ted Alexander, Alex Bradshaw, Edward Kryn and Jim Snyder.

The four are polling in the low single digits in recent surveys and are not mounting robust campaigns. The possible exceptions are Alexander, who is one of only two candidates with elected experience in the race, and Snyder, a former statewide candidate who is endorsed by The News & Record in Greensboro.

WRAL’s prime time debate is Wednesday, and will feature the four leading candidates, Thom Tillis, Greg Brannon, Mark Harris and Heather Grant.

WRAL news anchor David Crabtree will moderate the debate on Thursday.

The station is taping the debate live at 2 p.m. Thursday but has embargoed all content until after its broadcast at 7:30 p.m. Saturday.

At that time slot, don’t expect many to watch, though it could prove more entertaining for political junkies.

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