Becka Powers: Too much snark

April 25, 2014 

Regarding the April 24 news article “ NCSU’s round building nears an end”: Why was such a florid, even snarky, story on the front page? It was confusing because I wanted the facts first and then opinions, but the first paragraph used words like “bedeviled,” “endless quirks” and “infuriating layout,” and I didn’t know what I was reading.

If the interior was so bad, would we (who haven’t been to Harrelson Hall) not have benefited from more visual rendering than from negative verbiage? I felt the article demeaned both the architect and the school of design. If the interior design was so flawed, then why weren’t the NCSU schools of design or engineering called on to fix it in the previous decades? Could the building’s interior not have been redesigned or its structure repurposed?

Edward Walter Waugh, the architect, was the first dean of the School of Design at NCSU. Internationally renowned, he helped bring the architects to Raleigh who made N.C. the third-largest concentration of Modernist architecture in America.

I would hope there could be some follow-up to explore the circumstances of Harrelson Hall.

Becka Powers


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