Donald Prush: ‘Yes’ party

April 26, 2014 

After reading your malicious April 24 editorial “ The ‘no’ party,” I felt obligated to write about the “yes” party Democrats and their socialist friends. They are against the America I once enjoyed during my 78 years.

These misguided people say “yes” so they can keep their insurance plans and doctors, say yes to the $2,500 they will save annually, say yes to the government accessing our emails and telephone calls, say yes to Obama doubling the federal debt in five years to almost $18 trillion from the $9 trillion it took all our prior presidents to borrow over 233 years, say yes to increasing unemployment to record levels never before achieved, say yes to Putin embarrassing our country, say yes to anyone who wants to enter our country without going through proper channels and say yes to the IRS to intimidate anyone not in agreement with Obama’s socialist agenda.

I have never read an editorial that would stoop so low as yours. You must be desperate.

Donald Prush

Holly Springs

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