April brings the songbirds' seranade

April 26, 2014 

At best it would be a wild guess to insist the transition from winter to summer is much more than an unfolding of dreams. As welcome as spring is, it is seldom as gentle as a Mr. Chaucer suggested when the English poet put forward something about “April with its showers sweet.”

Spring flowers may well be sweet, but the weather that brings them is seldom gentle. The ocean and lake waters are still full of winter chill, the nights raw and well-deserving of a wool jacket and at least two blankets for company in the night, if someone prefers to sleep with the windows open.

Shakespeare better captured the fourth month when he wrote of “The uncertain glory of an April day, which now shows all the beauty of the sun, and by and by a cloud takes all away!”

With the lengthening of available daylight, the increasing excitement of brilliant blue skies flooded with warm sunshine is hard at work to bring us into a world of awakening green.

Regardless of the weather, one can count on the changes to bring a certainty of what is the season. The long absent birds of summer return and open their repertoires with ever increasing enthusiasm as the competition for mates and nesting sites begins in earnest.

Their eager voices increase as sunrise nears, when the awakening sun peeks over the red-faced horizon it brings forth a magic moment of inspiration, as the morning hours fill with the myriad sounds of avian romance and fervor.

All they seek in exchange for their song is a few seeds in the feeder and permission to occupy some space for a few weeks to enjoy an undisturbed love nest in a quiet leafy bower.

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