Apex Middle School team wins robotics awards

April 27, 2014 

Apex Middle students at the N.C. regional VEX Robotics Competition. From left to right in green, Daniel Spiesman, Drew Williams and Jared Sloan.


The Apex Middle School Robotics Team won the overall design award for the state at the N.C. regional VEX Robotics Competition.

The 16-person team also had the most competitive robot among middle schools, said head coach Dave Cook. During the competition, the students’ robots received skill points for their performance compared to opponents’ robots. Apex Middle received the most skill points among middle schools and ranked fourth overall, Cook said.

Students, with guidance from their teachers and mentors, use the VEX robotics design system to build robots designed to score the most points possible in skill challenges, qualification and elimination matches.

The Apex Middle Robotics Team built three robots, one of which was the only one at the competition to accomplish the task of “high hanging” Cook said.

In order to “high hang,” robots had to begin smaller than 18 inches, expand to grab a bar that was 40 inches, and then raise themselves up and hold this position.

“High hanging was the most difficult task a robot could perform in this year’s challenge,” Cook said.

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