Norman Davis: Spend wisely on education

April 27, 2014 

The April 21 editorial “ Sad goodbyes” cluttered up a valid problem regarding teachers salaries with misleading facts.

Clearly Wake County should find a way to improve teacher salaries, but to harp on attrition rates and retirements, when they are no different and often better than other areas of employment, does nothing to solve the problem.

Taxpayers are now paying significantly more county, state and federal taxes and are asked to pay more every year with minimal results. For example, what improvements have we seen since Jimmy Carter launched the Department of Education? Wouldn’t it be great if we could use some of those unnecessary taxes for teachers salaries?

Smarter school building and maintenance is another area lacking, and is it really impossible to streamline our school administration? Far too often the solution is to use the teachers as the “whipping boy” and demand an increase in taxes. The much bigger picture of total education spending should be considered and addressed if we are ever going to resolve these problems.

Norman Davis


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