William E. Anderson: Way to curb drunk drivers

May 1, 2014 

My wife and I have been rear-ended by a drunken driver. My friend was killed last weekend by a reputedly drunken driver. His wife was maimed in the accident and is still in a coma.

Law enforcement cannot prevent these tragedies. No prison sentence is harsh enough to provide justice or to atone for this crime. It is time for a change in our society’s easygoing attitude about this particular form of stupidity.

The easy answer: Install an ignition interlock device on every vehicle. I don’t think most of us would believe that having to blow into a tube before cranking the engine is enough of an infringement on our liberty to object. In North Carolina we already require these devices after a conviction of driving with a blood-alcohol content over 0.15 or for a second offense in seven years.

These devices cost about $200. That’s cheap compared with a life.

William E. Anderson


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