Glenda Kiddoo: Peace’s Cherry to blame, too

May 1, 2014 

Regarding the April 23 news story “ Peace University president under fire”: As the disturbing truths about the goings-on at Peace University emerge, I can’t help but feel a twinge of sympathy for the Board of Trustees chair Beth Cherry.

For many alumnae like me, Cherry is the face of the disastrous undoing of Peace and will forever be remembered above all others as the one responsible. To be sure, she has earned this legacy, but it will rest heavily on her for the balance of her years. Cherry had countless opportunities to explain her actions to the wider Peace community and alter Peace’s downward trajectory, but by hubris, poor counsel or hidden agenda, she chose an insular, secretive path. All opposing voices were silenced, either by threat of legal action, termination or disciplinary action.

It still astounds that Cherry would eschew the counsel of three past presidents and concerned alumnae, ignore the damning evidence presented by the faculty and turn a deaf ear to the voices of the students. Instead she chose to cast her lot with those who have no ties or interest in Peace other than financial gain.

When Peace is in ashes, Cherry will be remembered as the one who struck the match.

Glenda Kiddoo

Chapel Hill

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