Bob Greczyn: Core provides direction

May 3, 2014 

North Carolina has made real progress in recent years to help prepare its young people for the increasingly competitive world that awaits them after high school. The Common Core state standards are a critical step toward reaching the goal of ensuring that all students graduate ready for success in college and careers.

Abandoning those rigorous standards, as a legislative commission is now urging, would be a huge step backward for students and for North Carolina’s economic progress and quality of life. We must do all we can to raise expectations and provide students with the great teachers capable of helping them meet high challenges.

Change is hard work. Ask any of the educators who are helping transform teaching and learning in the innovative high schools supported by NC New Schools, where students are already measuring up to more rigorous standards.

We must focus our attention on developing teachers and principals who can deliver on the promise of the Common Core through engaging lessons that help students learn to solve problems, think critically and communicate clearly. We can’t afford to accept anything less. The Common Core gives us a clear direction forward.

Bob Greczyn

Chairman, Board of Directors, NC New Schools


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