Rob Hawkins: Arrogant to the Core

May 3, 2014 

Regarding the April 23 news story “ Brannon targets Tillis in first GOP Senate debate”: It’s a shame that some of our candidates for U.S. Senate – including Thom Tillis, Mark Harris, Heather Grant and Greg Brannon – are so provincial as to claim that North Carolinians can generate a better set of standards for the education of our children than was generated by a nationwide set of actual experts.

Even though the Common Core was developed at the initiative of Republicans during the Bush administration, these candidates reflexively made the highly partisan assumption that, because the standards were promulgated during the Obama administration, they must have been a Democratic Party initiative.

The arrogance of these candidates would apparently replace the educational goals set out in Common Core standards with other standards generated – at very substantial expense of time and money – by some group of North Carolinians – goals that would likely be much less relevant to the overall purpose of developing students who are competitive in the world job market.

Thus our children would be deprived of the most valuable education in order to satisfy the egos of a few politicians. Sadly, ignorance often breeds arrogance like this, especially when combined with high partisanship.

Rob Hawkins


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